Decarbonising energy is critical to reducing carbon emissions in the South of Scotland as homes and workplaces account for around a fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions. Energy bills are rising fast and are set to rise further — collective, co-ordinated and sustained effort is needed to address these challenges.

South of Scotland Enterprise along with CENSIS want to take action to improve information flow between individuals, communities and businesses and stimulate the supply chain. Key to this will be providing a technology solution which allows communities to understand their energy demands and options for energy efficiency / decarbonisation while supporting community collective purchase.

So, how can technology help communities and households understand their energy needs and work with local suppliers towards sustainable energy solutions?

Novoville & Partners are building Novoville Shared Works, a marketplace for decarbonisation and retrofit work. It will be based on an industry-leading building passport and energy model. It will enable homeowners and communities to create an improvement plan for their home and connect with the local supply chain to carry it out.

The project team is made up of Novoville, EALA Impacts and Loco Home. It brings together best-in-class technology with experts including retrofit assessors, architects and community intermediaries.

Based on our extensive experience in Scotland with Novoville Shared Repairs, our vision is to create an unparalleled experience for homeowners and professionals buying and selling services.

Novoville Shared Works was presented by Novoville’s Business Development Director Louis Daillencourt at The Scottish Government’s CivTech Programme Demo Day, on the 8th February 2023.

Watch the presentation below: