Incident management & map visualisation

Citizens are central to good governance, so strengthening the relationship with them is imperative.

Novoville allows citizens to report issues they encounter on a daily basis (e.g. potholes, broken traffic signs, fly tipping) quickly and easily, and receive automated notifications about how their issue is being resolved.

Mobile app or web app users upload a picture of the issue, pin it on the map and report it to the local government, without having to pick up the phone.

Citizen requests can be assigned directly to the appropriate government employee, allowing for intelligent resource management.

A powerful and user-friendly CRM automates processes and improves staff efficiency, while providing real-time statistics on service performance and map visualization.

e-forms, certificate & permit request management

Using our dynamic Form Creator, government organisations can create online forms for a number of citizen requests and services, including certificates, permits, event bookings, etc.

Similar to Incident Management reports, forms can be allocated to specific government services and assigned to the appropriate employee. Automated feedback on the progress of their requests can be sent to citizens using our Messaging tool.

FAQs agent

Novoville makes the process of collecting, curating and sharing information with citizens simple.

Our webchat-based FAQ agent provides suggested answers to citizen enquiries dynamically, using Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language processing allows the agent to understand what the user is looking for, by typing a keyword or short description. If answers for specific topics have not been provided, citizen enquiries can then be redirected to the call center.

With the Novoville FAQ Agent, local governments can significantly reduce the volume of phone enquiries and save resources, while improving customer service.

Cloud-based dashboard

The Novoville dashboard provides real-time visibility of organisational performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Having a snapshot of the entire Novoville platform, including live requests, payments, workflows, communications, surveys and KPIs, takes the stress out of management and promotes transparency.

The visualisation of stats and insights enables accurate, instant and dynamic reporting to the rest of the organisation.

Smart search

Native chat

Chat operator

Call center

Novoville citiesare performing better

Interaction between local governments and citizens becomes immediate, efficient and cost-effective.

Reduced costs

savings per request with smart FAQs

Reduced calls

reduction of calls to the council

Increased engagement

of UK citizens would use a mobile app to report issues

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