novoville software belongs in the category of eGovernment services. It is an integrated information system in which registered users, verified via their mobile phone, send information electronically to a server. This information includes geolocation data, photographs and alphanumeric data (text). The server collects this data and safely maintains them. Access is granted to certified personnel of public authorities (municipalities/Local Governments) that are authenticated users and have accepted the Terms of use as part of contracts required by the company.

Specific information subsystem (management system) provides online access through the internet in the data store server.

Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy

Data Security

The Company strictly protects the security of personal data and the preferences of data subjects for their intended use. It uses modern technology and industry standards for the confidentiality and accuracy of information provided. For the protection of personal data secure-servers with industry standard encryption SSL 128 bit key are used. However, the Internet is not a secure medium, so that the Company can not guarantee that the information submitted to it shall be free from unauthorized third party interference.

Policy and Terms Changes

These Terms govern the methods for the processing of personal data supplied by users / visitors when navigating in our website and applications for portable devices. These methods may need to be amended as a result of new legislation entering into force or after examination and updating of user services. Therefore, the conditions may change over time and we encourage visitors to periodically consult this page.

Acceptance Statement of Terms of Use of novoville Software

The user of the novoville service agrees to the above terms of use and in particular agrees:

  1. That he uses the novoville service to send data on the management of problems and issues of competence of the Local Authorities (Municipalities, Regions, etc.) to the spatial responsibility of which the aforementioned issues belong.
  2. Knowing that certified Local Government staff are permitted under the Privacy Policy to have access to specific data they collect while respecting the right to protection of personal data and the privacy of natural persons as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. Photographing, categorizing, commenting and sending coordinates on his behalf will be done taking into account the right to the protection of personal data and the need to ensure the processing of as few personal data as possible.
  4. Allowing the certified staff of the Local Authorities to whom they send the report their communication if additional information or clarifications are required to facilitate the resolution or routing of the issue.