Continuing its successful collaboration with the City of Athens, the Novoville team undertook to re-design myAthensPass, the app through which drivers in Greece`s capital can buy parking time quickly, easily and conveniently.

myAthensPass is a free mobile app for Android and iOS devices that revolutionises the way drivers pay for parking spaces in controlled zones, improving the quality of life in the city.

The app was re-designed by Novoville to improve the parking experience and simplify the purchasing process, offering users everything they need to park through their mobile phones.

With the updated myAthensPass motorists can:

  • Find their exact location via GPS
  • Select the parking duration they want
  • Purchase parking time instantly or pay in advance for time that they can use later
  • Receive push notifications 10 minutes before their parking time expires
  • Extend their parking time remotely
  • See when and how much they need to pay for parking
  • Access all their previous transactions

At the same time, the Novoville Parking dashboard gathers, analyses and disseminates real-time data on parking activity, allowing authorities to enhance parking services, optimise operations, cut costs, improve enforcement and provide better services to drivers and residents.

Authorities are able to monitor live and historic occupancy data of individual parking spaces or complete areas, correlated with customer behaviour analytics and payment data. The system can also integrate data from multiple sensors and IoT applications.