Homeowners and landlords

The Novoville Shared Repairs app allows homeowners and landlords to create or join their own ‘virtual tenement’, making it easier for them to carry out shared repairs and keep their buildings in good condition. 

They can easily find and invite other residents of their block to the app, join a forum dedicated to their building, and communicate with each other effectively when progressing repairs and general maintenance on a property they jointly own. 

The app provides all the resources that homeowners and landlords need in order to get organised, report issues they are facing, send them out to a surveyor or trader to get a survey or quotation, and hire the right professional to fix the issue.

This allows for increased transparency between all participants and faster decision-making, eliminating the lengthy process and hassle of trying to get other residents of the property on board.

The Novoville Shared Repairs app takes care of everything, from reporting the issue to making secure payments to a trader or surveyor. The app only works with Trusted Traders vetted by the local council. Should homeowners and landlords get stuck and need help from local authorities, the app helps them connect with the relevant people. 

What’s more, there’s no need to open a dedicated bank account for shared repairs anymore.

The Novoville Shared Repairs app helps homeowners and landlords to:

  • Get clarity on the problem
  • Identify other owners
  • Share information
  • Hire a trusted trader or surveyor
  • Vote, pay and fix their home

Council as landlord & housing associations

Whether your organisation owns a minority or a majority of flats in a block, the Novoville Shared Repairs app will help you create or follow a case for repairs under the current legislation.

Patch officers can use the app to communicate with the homeowners of a stair, and weigh into the conversation. They can also report issues and keep all residents informed of any steps they are taking to fix an issue.

All the data generated and actions taken are logged and aggregated, and anonymised city-wide data about ongoing cases of shared repairs around the city is available to the authorities.

The Novoville Shared Repairs app:

  • Simplifies the journey
  • Accelerates the process
  • Enables transparency
  • Encourages high standards
  • Improves housing conditions

Council as Authority

When homeowners get stuck trying to fix their homes, the council can help, but it takes time. To speed things up and reduce stress, the Novoville Shared Repairs app allows councils to receive and process ‘missing share’ or ‘release of ownership’ applications directly in the management dashboard.

All relevant information and evidence that the appropriate procedure has been followed is gathered by the app. Homeowners no longer need to repeat their story multiple times in order to get help. All their data is consolidated into a single file, provided with their express consent.

Surveyors and construction professionals

Have you given up on working on shared repairs? Are you wasting time helping owners navigate the process? Have you missed out on payments because of a recalcitrant owner?

Novoville Shared Repairs will bring you qualified business and time savings by helping owners organise themselves before they reach out to you.

Through our app, owners come together to report an issue and request an assessment from a chartered surveyor or a trusted trader. Once you have surveyed the damage or the property, all you need to do is respond to the owners through a dedicated online form. Your survey or quote is then available in-app for all to see.

Homeowners can request up to 3 quotes at a time. Money is collected securely through the app, and proof thereof can be provided before the work starts.

All construction specialists must be vetted through the city’s trusted trader scheme.

Novoville Shared Repairs helps surveyors and construction professionals by:

  • Saving them time
  • Bringing them qualified business
  • Encouraging quality work

Solutions powered by Novoville

Novoville was selected by the City of Edinburgh Council to help solve the big challenge of managing the shared areas in privately owned tenements across the city. The initiative was part of the Scottish Government`s CivTech Accelerator programme, which harnesses entrepreneurial tech innovation to solve identified public sector challenges.

Novoville`s Shared Repairs app will encourage, support and enable private tenement flat owners in Edinburgh to proactively take responsibility for planning and organising repairs and maintenance. At the same time, it will enable the council to manage the complex recurring issue of tenement repairs, and help them in their capacities as both a local authority and as a landlord.

Report an issue

Get quotes from traders

Agree with other owners

Make a payment

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