Technological development puts pressure on all forms of government to modernise services, become more responsive to public needs, provide efficient problem-solving, and be more open and transparent. This, in turn, can lead to effective and meaningful democratic participation.

Local government is at the centre of this transformation due to their relationship with businesses, other public service organisations, and directly with citizens. But, they inevitably struggle to keep pace with technological development, the expectations of digital citizens, and the risks and challenges associated with these changes.

Our research across England and Scotland demonstrates that council services do not meet the expectations of the majority of citizens today. Only 45% approve of the quality of their local council services. However, findings suggest that UK citizens are ready to embrace new digital services, which will drive engagement, facilitate their interactions with councils and improve their everyday lives.

Read our whitepaper to find out how:

  • Citizens prefer to interact with their local council
  • Citizens perceive the quality of council services
  • Councils can drive citizen engagement with digital services
  • Councils can save costs and become more efficient
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